Portrait by Thomas Ball of Alistair Lambert at his studio in Cricklewood, London, NW2. March 2016.

I was lucky enough to grow up with space and opportunity to experiment, make and build. With the encouragement of practising artists during my foundation course at Norwich Art School and when travelling in the USA I built up confidence to apply to art college. After a BA in Sculpture at Chelsea School of art and an MA at the Royal College of Art I found my way into commissioned work alongside various part time jobs.

My early experience trying to find affordable studio space in London in the early 90’s led me into setting up studio buildings as a living with ACAVA and running sculpture workshops as part of a socially engaged art practice. I now make sculptures, deliver creative projects and run workshops full time. Collaboration and social engagement continues to be an essential element of my work, alongside my studio practice and private commissions.

I thrive on a balance of private practice and community building creative work.

We all evolved as makers and creators, it is part of what makes us human. Everyone can do it given the chance.
Our hands are amazing tools that can do so much more than swipe and tap. Mucking around with materials during one of my workshops engages people at a fundamental level; boosts well being and engages us with the physical world as well as with each other.

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Alistair Lambert, 36 Brent Terrace, Cricklewood, London. NW2 1BX

Tel: 07973354101 email: al@alistairlambert.co.uk Instagram: @alistairlambert

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