Alistair Lambert

Recycled Residency



Installation, BAR Gallery, Willesden Green, London. 2014
Reclaimed timber.


BAR (Brent Artist's Resource) Gallery Residency 2014  

A two week residency in a pop up gallery space on Queen's Parade, Willesden Green, North West London. The space had been a fabric shop and the residency was prompted after noticing a pile of unused old timber pallets and shelving stacked away awaiting the skip. The whole site, like so many artist's spaces is marked for demolition and 'regeneration'. Spending time in the space reminded me of my years snooping in old buildings for ACAVA to convert into studios. Making use of temporary spaces like these is part of surviving as an artist in London. The final installation that I constructed from the bits left over had something to do with the idea of an artist as inhabitant, like an insect, finding corners to thrive in, making do, growing and moving on. Scroll down to see the installation.