’The Shape Shed’ - Summer workshops for a community in transition.

Families and friends made this colourful sculpture from waste building materials.

Based in a disused site cabin on a major redevelopment site. This one week residency and open workshop provided a positive focus for local people affected by the building works.

The daily sessions were open to all comers and soon became a busy creative environment of experimentation and collaboration.

 Connie looking through her painted plaster cast.

We used waste materials from the construction site and plaster of Paris to experiment and improvise colourful constructions and sculptures.


After the workshops we arranged a couple of outings, to see an exhibition at Kew and monuments in Hyde Park.

Chalkhill, Wembley, North West London. 2005. Funded by Metropolitan Home Ownership housing association (now ‘Metropolitan’).
The project was enhanced by assistance of artist colleagues: Phil Coy, Joanna Sands, Stephen Stockbridge.