’Millennium Markers’ - Industrial heritage in a community space.

Stationed to provide a seat from which to view the passing trains.

Steam engines once screeched to a halt in this pocket park. Now oak sleepers stand as local landmarks in a space carrying a freight of creative projects.

Nature trail Engine plates: part of an integrated scheme that included the feature pieces, nature trail, signage and seating.


Sand cast bronze Oak leaf engine plate, part of the nature trail.
Modelled by a year six pupil at Childs Hill Primary School, London NW2.


Carriages were added to the site at a later date: freighted with a cargo representing the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.


Summer workshops included one making dinosaurs.


Another summer workshop made windmills.


The Cricklewood Millennium Green is a community space local to where I live. Over the years it has served as a venue for various creative projects.