’The Shape Shed’ - Summer workshops for a community in transition.

 At the end of the two weeks we held an exhibition.

Based in a disused site cabin close to a major redevelopment on Chalkhill near Wembley in North West London, this project engaged local people of all ages who were affected by building works. We explored materials and experimenting with techniques. Loosely based on a theme of ‘shelter’ we took advantage of the builders excess materials, a hot summer and a disused carpark to make large scale collaborative pieces.
Funded for two summer seasons in 2005 and 2006 over a period of two weeks at a time, it was open to all comers and had various regular attendees queuing at the gate.
Funded by the then Metropolitan Housing Trust. The finished work was exhibited outside Brent Town Hall.
Assisted by various visiting artist colleagues: Phil Coy, Joanna Sands, Stephen Stockbridge.


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