The Latymer School Courtyard Sculptures 


Jousting Windmills - shapes inspired by the heraldry of the school crest and a holiday sailing on the Norfolk Broads.

Every year since 2009, I have run a two day workshop with year seven pupils at The Latymer Grammar School in Edmonton. Two groups of thirty pupils take part, working on consecutive days constructing a sculpture (or sculptures)to then be shown in the central courtyard until the following year when it is replaced by a new one.

Abacus - 2010 - Marking the schools Centenary.


Trees - 2011

Sawing, drilling, hammering, stencilling.

Olympic - 2012

Olympic rings from foam pipe and tape. Lots of cable ties, bamboo and some old windsurfer masts.

Spirit House - 2013

Sawing, drilling, nailing screwing, weaving, carving, gilding.

Trojan Horse - 2014

Lots of sawing, hammering, drilling and screw driving.

Colony Collapse - 2015

Cutting, measuring, drilling and riveting.

Bleached Coral - 2016

Bending and modelling metal, mixing and applying plaster and scrim. Sawing and nailing wood.

Ark- 2017

Sawing, sanding, drilling, nailing, screw driving.


Next year will be my tenth in a row.